Increasing Activities Online

Technology company committed to create business-to-business services for the Tours and Activities field in order to create an Indipendent, Open and Trusted ecosystem.


A Principled Approach

We believe experiences are identified by principles that needs to be practiced and developed in people, organizations and software.

The Better Experience Ecosystem

We aim to develop an Autonomous Distributed Organization where main playes can cooperate in order to create a better Tours and Activities ecosystem in the attempt of solving current main problem, Increasing Activities Online.

Activity Suppliers

{ who create the experience }

We want activities access to advanced reservation technology with the intention of making their business grow without having to enter in any dependency relation with dominant OTAs.

Reservation Systems

{ who create software for activities }

We want reservation systems create custom software for the unique needs of activities and integrate advanced services that today are accessible only to dominant OTA (e.g. recommendation).

Online Travel Acencies

{ who distribute activities to tourist }

We want integrate OTAs activities in a unique collection that can be used by reservation systems in order to enable activities create "Local OTAs" and reach more tourists in a distributed manner.